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5 Ways to Lower Your Food Costs

Restaurant operators across the country are particularly focused on one issue: lowering costs. Knowing that food and labor are the two biggest spend categories, tightly managing...


New Release 6.0

Decision Logic 6.0 gives the official hello to our new brand! You’ve likely already noticed the new logo and colors within your websites and mobile apps. Read more about our bra...


Introducing the New Decision Logic

Over the last several months, we’ve worked hard to define our vision, mission, and values, and how they represent what Decision Logic stands for each and every day.  At the heig...


New Release: 5.16

Decision Logic 5.16 introduces next-level features that keep your teams ahead of the industry curve. Our product team continues to focus on how to improve the user experience an...


New Release: 5.15

Decision Logic 5.15 includes feature updates for Employee Central, Theoretical vs. Actual reporting, Kitchen Display Systems and more. What’s New in Decision Logic 5.15 ✅  POS...


Small Business Relief for Restaurants

Small businesses are the lifeblood of communities across America, and there’s no doubt that restaurants account for a huge part of that. Right now, small businesses, and resta...


How to Shift to a Delivery Model

Over the last couple of weeks, restaurants all over the country have been forced to wrestle with restrictions and bans due to COVID-19. Some restaurants have even opted to close...

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