Success stories from our Partners


"The Decision Logic platform offers a number of inventory management tools I’ve found to have a significant impact on reducing actual food cost. The software’s ability to handle our BBQ and its unique yield fluctuation has enabled us to target areas of waste and make an immediate impact on our food cost. When properly managed, and utilized, the platform can significantly impact your bottom line and help put dollars in the bank."

Weston Pearson,
Director of Supply Chain

"DL displays strength in the partnership through the personal efforts and approaches applied to training as well as the implementation. They use experiences from an operator’s perspective. Their staff are knowledgeable about our business and strengthen the implementation efforts by applying consulting services within the setup, training and rollout process. This is invaluable for our operators to have buy-in as well as our constant and ongoing development requests. Consideration of what we want the platform to look like in the future."

Randy White,
VP of Retail Information Technology

"We love using Decision Logic because they take the time to understand our business needs, and continue to evolve with not only our needs but the industry needs giving us a modern, cutting edge solution. The application is simple for my managers to use, keeping processes straight forward and easy to execute.  Our executive team gets robust, accurate data because the managers are not bogged down trying to figure out complex applications."

Erin Palladino,
VP of Operation Services

"Decision Logic handles updates, monitoring and the physical server so we can focus on other things. Best of all, it’s not an out-of-the-box solution. Decision Logic really works with you to understand your operation and shows you how to use modules to do exactly what you need. They don’t wait for you to come to them with problems. They are like an extension of your company; they have that much at stake in helping you succeed."

Andrew Halsell, IT Manager for city Barbeque

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"Decision Logic works side by side with our team to rollout new features, and implement new systems.  The team leverages their strengths as previous operators to help provide documentation and training when requested.  The team has an online searchable training manual, as well as excellent in person training staff.   Their staff has become knowledgeable about our team and our business.  They use this knowledge and their knowledge of the industry to apply consultation during setup, training and rollouts.  They also listen to our business needs and use that to shape  what we want the platform to look like in the future."

Jerry Yuhasz, Director of IT for Twin Peaks

Read the full Twin Peaks Case Study to learn more about our implementation strategy.