New Release: 5.15

Decision Logic 5.15 includes feature updates for Employee Central, Theoretical vs. Actual reporting, Kitchen Display Systems and more.

What’s New in Decision Logic 5.15

✅  POS Integrations

Revel and Toast integrations can now update daily sales and labor fro the End of Day page.

✅ Employee Central App

Extended sessions allow you to stay logged in for up to 90 days.

✅  Labor Templates

We’ve made enhancements to our Labor Templates.

✅ Employee Central App

Manager’s can now edit the email and phone number associated with an account.

✅  Kitchen Display System 

Also known as “KDS” – We’ve enhanced display reporting.

✅  Theoretical vs. Actual

Non-inventoried items have been given a reporting improvement.

Employee Central Your Way

Sign into Employee Central using your username, email or phone number

App Mockup in Hands of User

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