Back office management software by restaurateurs for restaurateurs

Help your managers focus on your customers — we’ve got your restaurant operations covered

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Restaurateur in the kitchen
Restaurateur in the Kitchen

Back office management software by restaurateurs for restaurateurs 

Help your managers focus on your customers — we’ve got your restaurant operations covered

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We are a restaurant company backed by world-class technologists, not the other way around

Decision Logic removes the headaches of back office operations so you can focus on what is important: serving your customers and growing your business. Are you ready to gain control of your restaurant?

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Know your labor costs

How much are you spending on labor? With Decision Logic’s easy-to-use labor scheduler, you can track scheduled versus actual hours worked to optimize and reduce your labor costs.

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Restaurant Labor Scheduler Dashboard

Access enterprise data with ease

Make smart, proactive business decisions from a holistic view of operations. Analyze daily, weekly, or yearly sales and labor data at a glance with enterprise dashboards built from the ground up for restaurant operators by restaurant operators. 

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Decision Logic Sales Dashboard

Stop throwing away food (and profits!)

With food usage and waste variance monitoring technology, Decision Logic can save you thousands of dollars per location. Stop throwing away your profits and start saving with more accurate inventory management than you've ever experienced before.

Optimize your Restaurant Profits

Inventory Usage and Waste Variance

Boost brand security with PCI compliance

With Logic Shield, you gain the peace of mind that comes from fully managed, transparent Payment Card Industry security software that monitors for cybersecurity breaches at all times.

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Logic Shield PCI Compliance

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Ready to save time and money on your restaurant operations?

Get started with one of 3 different packages to fit your unique needs.

Concierge service available

Get unparalleled support at the level you need added to any package.

Accessible anywhere with mobile apps

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Each package is cloud-based, accessible by web, and includes the Digital Manager App. Our Employee Central App accompanies Labor & Scheduling and is included in the Pro and Enterprise packages.

Apps optimized for data entry

With an extensive list of partners, as well as the technical skills to create custom data connections, we ensure seamless integration with your current platforms. What’s more, Decision Logic captures your data, so if you choose to switch providers, your historical data is backed up and safe!

Keep your profits and start saving

Our back office restaurant software integrates with an extensive list of POS, accounting, payroll, online ordering and other systems, ensuring a seamless connection with your other sources of data and an additional source of truth to act as a full data backup.

We’ll even develop a custom integration for you from scratch if your current system isn’t listed!

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We went from throwing away anywhere from 300 to 400 lbs of cheese (our most expensive line item aside from labor) per week due to over portioning, waste, etc. to keeping it under 75 lbs. At $2.75/lb, that's a significant savings on just one product. This information alone is proof to ALL employees how important following recipes and portion control is, not only to the business but also to an individual's paycheck. Giving everyone the specific numbers of missing products on a regular basis has proven more beneficial than I thought.


Kyle Peters
Owner/Area Manager of Sexy Pizza

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