Decision Logic Inventory Entry

New Release: 5.5

Decision Logic 5.5 is here! This new release features a New Order Receive Process, Non-Service Hour templates, a new look to Labor Schedule printing and better Inventory error reporting.

See What’s New in Decision Logic 5.5

  • New Order Receive Process
    • We added the ability to create an invoice through the standard order/receive process for non-electronic vendors.
    • This will allow clients to train a single workflow for the ordering process.
    • Utilizing predictive ordering? Clients will now be able to save a step in having to leave the ordering screen to create an invoice.
  • Non-Service Hour Templates
    • We’ve created a new template type that allows labor scheduling users to specify and track hours scheduled for non-guest facing roles in the restaurant.
    • This provides an additional level of granularity to the scheduling process
  • New Labor Scheduling Printing
    • Tada! We updated the look and feel of schedule printing to make things more readable.
  • Better error reporting when taking inventory
    • We added new warnings to the inventory page for when invalid or large quantities are entered.
  •  Fixed numerous bugs
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