6.3 Release

New Release 6.3

Decision Logic 6.3 provides a powerhouse of updates and optimized features, including improvements in configurability and customization across Labor Scheduler, Performance Tracking, Sales Forecasting, and a whole lot more.

Power Up Labor Performance ⚡️

The latest updates to Labor Scheduler and Performance Tracking provide even more powerful customization and flexibility for empowering your employees. We’re arming you with:

  • New Weekly Reports that provide managers with granular transparency into how weekly scores are calculated.
  • Shift Cards that include Performance Sheet scores — giving your managers the information they need before shifts start.
  • Scores for employees who work shifts that span multiple Day Parts will be entered for the shift where they’re scheduled for the most hours, making performance tracking even more user-friendly.
  • Last but not least, the Labor Scheduled vs. Actual (SvA) Report can now drill down to shifts by employee, providing even more visibility into team trends.

Foretell Your Future Growth with Sales Forecasting 🔮

Say hello to a huge boost for Sales Forecasting, now equipped with even more user configurability, including:

  • Improved accuracy and deeper data analysis with new adjustments by Day Part and Department (in addition to Day and Hour).
  • New Sales Forecast Drill Down page and Daily Forecast view for more precise detail.
  • Enhanced user customization that makes it easier than ever to fine-tune your projected sales and ensure your teams are set up for success — which ultimately helps with labor costs and produces lower turnover, higher repeat foot-traffic, and higher profitability.

Speeding Toward Success: V6 Progress 🏎

As you may already know, our team is working at a breakneck pace to deliver some seriously amazing updates in Decision Logic V6.

Curious as to what’s coming down the speedway? Here’s a sneak peek — we’ve got a lot under the hood we can’t wait to share with you:

  • Greater flexibility and customization in the Cost and Variance report, including additional metrics, new ways to organize your data, and much more.
  • A fresh take on our popular Performance Based Daily Report, including daily and weekly (new!) scores for your employees.
  • Changes coming to our advanced Labor Scheduled vs. Actual Report, including expanded employee details.
  • Updated reporting, approval process, and functionality in Inventory Change Tracking — plus accessibility (along with Inventory Change Requests) from the Inventory Home.

Interested in finding out when you can take V6 for a test drive? Contact your account manager today to learn more about V6 for your business.


More Big Things Coming in 2021 🚀

The team is still working hard on a shortlist of some incredible new features that will make Decision Logic better than ever. Stay tuned for more coming from your account managers!

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