Switching Software Sucks… But It Can Be Worth It

It’s true, switching to a new software can be a difficult transition for restaurants. So much so, that even considering it, is daunting enough to keep many restaurant owners satisfied with antiquated systems. Upgrading is just more of a hassle than it’s worth. We’d like to open up the discussion on why making the switch to a robust back-office software is worth it.

“Training staff on a new system will be a nightmare.”

man scared of switching software

We hear folks say how hard it will be to train their employees on a new back-office system. We’re calling b.s. on that, as training is something every restaurant company does well. At some point during the day, someone is being trained (formally or on-the-fly) by another member of the team. We come from the industry and know how to train managers in a way they understand. Not just which button to push or report to run, but the theory behind features in the system, e.g. TvA. We’ll also make sure your trainers are equipped to incorporate our materials into their current process.

Our system is easy to learn and use with its intuitive design built specifically with restaurant users in mind. You’ll also have access to extensive training videos and documents in our customer knowledge base portal. We genuinely want our software to work for you and we’ve made learning it simple so it will work for you.

“The monthly payments are affordable, it’s the upfront fees that scare me.”

Implementation fees are a legitimate problem for some restaurants who want to switch, but can’t spare that kind of money unless they’re certain to see some tangible ROI. How does a 2-4% improvement on COGS sound? Additionally, we don’t want the one-time fees to be a non-starter, so we work with you to eliminate the upfront spend. Implementation is no small amount of work, but it’s both more efficient and cost effective to put that work on our team, instead of yours.

“We’re used to our current software and have invested too much time already.”

If this is the case, then we have some great news: Being used to it doesn’t mean you have to live with it. What you’ve got has been working, but that’s because of you, not the software you’ve been using. It might get you there, but if it doesn’t take you further, it doesn’t measure up to Decision Logic.

Unlike other platforms that are modeled around accounting, we built our system around food and labor management. We get it right up front, then push into any accounting platform you have. We decided not to reinvent the wheel with accounting, and instead partnered with the best accounting platforms in the game.

Put your money into a system like Decision Logic that impacts your prime costs, not one that simply reports on them.

“I have too many units to take on something like that.”

That’s where you’re wrong. The more units you have, the more managers you have saving an hour a day minimum in the back office. EVERY DAY. Roll-out is easy with our proven and personalized training program, no matter how big your eatery empire is, we’ll have you up and running in as little as 8 weeks – that’s an industry-best! What’s even better, with the way our system works, restaurant groups with many units are able to multiply savings at a greater scale. It all comes down to the data, with an enterprise sized group, there is just a lot more of it. Decision Logic uses that to reduce seemingly insignificant variance across hundreds of units. The result is a significant boost to your bottom line, an average of $47,860 per store in the first year.

“I can’t spare the manpower to get all our information switched over.”

Unless it’s a customer’s order, your staff just doesn’t have time to be entering data in a computer system. That’s okay. With our Concierge Services, this “issue” really becomes more of a preference. If you don’t want your team dealing with vendors, recipe mix, and numerical data, we can take care of it for you. Many of our clients opt to let us do the heavy-lifting. In the past year alone, we’ve saved clients 928 hours of work.

Our concierge team can enter any, or all, of the information that needs transferred from your old system. And if there is a recipe update at a later date, we can do that too. The best part is, we work quickly while maintaining a 99% data input accuracy rate.

Switching software sucks, we know, but there is a reason nothing worth doing is ever easy. Change can feel disruptive but it helps us grow, and the switch to Decision Logic will help grow your business and your bottom line. Start saving and schedule your no-obligation demo today!

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