Decision Logic provides thousands of restaurateurs with the insights they need - transformative insights essential to making the right decisions for their business. We partner with you to drive profitable growth through the efficient management of your restaurant operations.


Gain valuable insight into your product usage, waste, and efficiencies through detailed inventory analysis. Empower your managers with the information needed to make time saving decisions, pinpoint gaps, and control food costs.


Deliver the consistent experience your guests expect across all of your restaurants by offering standardized recipes and instructions to back of house staff. Use our menu engineering tools to achieve optimal plate costs to maximize your profit margin.


Create an audit trail of the activity in your operation helping to ensure health inspection readiness, quality, and minimized waste.


Manage sensitive employee information through a single point of entry that will integrate with all of your systems, ensuring accuracy and security. Optimize labor costs by scheduling to meet demand through the predictive labor scheduling report.


Take a scientific approach to understanding when, where, how, and what you sell to gain a clear understanding of your revenue, transactions, and product mix. Providing easy access to reporting, trends, and metrics provides you insight into your operations' bottom line.


Everyone is on the same page with our comprehensive view of your restaurant transactions providing profit and loss statements and other financial data, while helping to reduce overhead expenses and remove inaccuracies from your financial records. Financial controls are the key to protecting your assets and results.


“Informed by a foundational history of product expertise...”

Launched in 1998 as the first web-based food cost product for a large Applebee's franchisee, Decision Logic was created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Our powerful platform provided a return on investment within the first year. Today we proudly serve over 50 brands and save operators more than $37.5 million in food and labor costs every year. We are proud of the strategic partnerships that have been formed with each client, allowing us to be a trusted consultant when looking at how to leverage technology to improve operations and drive profitability. Our team is made up of passionate employees with years of experience in the restaurant industry, making us the experts to deliver transforming insight to your operations. 

 “...transformative products, molded around core services.”

In 2014 we partnered with Aviture to expand our development expertise and catapult our products to the next level. Aviture is a team of world-class software engineers focused on enterprise-grade products with consumer-grade simplicity. Together we have adopted a lean approach to product development that has our customer at the center.


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