Labor & Scheduling

Accountability, visibility, and single point of entry drive Decision Logic’s Labor and Scheduling platform. This product encompasses the new hire process in a centralized information center, synchronizes data across payroll sources, and feeds information to all systems, from point of sale to payroll processor.

It also provides robust employee performance, scorecard, and fraud prevention reporting, keeping top-of-the-line sales in your bottom line dollars.

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Decision Logic drives profitability to your enterprise by…

  • Centralizing your employee database for all locations

  • Reporting server contests across your enterprise

  • Ranking manager and server performance

  • Reporting server check level research and fraud

  • Reporting minimum wage and tip compliance

  • Providing a single point of entry for all employee information

  • Allowing document imaging for all employment documentation

  • Time stamping employee information transactions for accountability

The Decision Logic Difference

Decision Logic’s Labor and Scheduling system eliminates the need for duplicate entry of sensitive information, increases accuracy, and formalizes accountability.

Utilize our Scheduled vs. Actual reporting to maximize labor productivity.

Using that information, we configure the platform so it simplifies workflow and maximizes payroll resources.