Case Studies

The combination of real-time and historic data made possible by Decision Logic has propelled the fast-growing fast casual chain to record success while spurring innovative customer service models. Decision Logic inventory management and waste variance brought an immediate 2% food cost reduction concept-wide, with additional savings every year since.

"We’ve had to find ways to be leaner and meaner, do more with less, so that there’s less back-of-house demand on our staff and they can stay focused on the front-of-house guests. And that’s where Decision Logic came in."Erin Palladino, Vice President of Marketing & Ops Services, PepperJax Grill

Avalanche Food Group (a franchisee for Twin Peaks) implemented Decision Logic at their 65 locations throughout the U.S., and the savings was immediately apparent: $35,000 was saved at five locations in two months. The trifecta of Predictive Ordering, Mobile Application Tools and Production Prep Sheet resulted in order-placing time savings of 3 hours per week + $2000 more cash flow + $1000 less waste.

"If I were selling Decision Logic, I wouldn’t roll out any customer without a commitment to Predictive Ordering and Production Prep Sheet. It has cleaned up our Theoretical vs. Actual, recipes, etc. Those, in combination with Mobile Application Tools, have saved so much time. We now have complete buy in from our managers."Buddy Deese, Vice President of Operations, Avalanche Food Group

Within minutes of installing Decision Logic’s Intelligent Compliance Monitoring module, City Barbeque discovered three POS systems in its network of stores were about to crash—a nightmare every restaurant operator dreads. Using Decision Logic and Logic Shield, City Barbeque instantly gained the ability to identify PCI risks before stores know they have problems.

"Decision Logic handles updates, monitoring and the physical server so we can focus on other things. Best of all, it’s not an out-of-the-box solution. Decision Logic really works with you to understand your operation and shows you how to use modules to do exactly what you need. They don’t wait for you to come to them with problems. They are like an extension of your company; they have that much at stake in helping you succeed."Andrew Halsell, IT manager for City Barbeque

Presented with the cost of a new server, multi-restaurant, multi-concept operator, Porter Apple Company, moved its multi-provider IT system to the Decision Logic Private Cloud Solution. The company not only gained a fully scalable solution by doing so, it was also able to avoid a costly capital investment in favor of an affordable monthly fee and minimize the pain of the typical system migration.

"Decision Logic was with us through the entire process. They worked with us to contact the DacEasy software tech and we all walked through the upload together over the phone. The actual transfer of data only took five hours. From the first conversation with Decision Logic, it took less than two weeks for us to be up and running in the Cloud!"LeAnn Robbins, Controller for Porter Apple Company