Inventory & Ordering

The secret to our inventory system is a streamlined, easy-to-use work flow of ordering, receiving and counting inventory, followed by metrics to help them move the needle.

  • Ingredient-level reports by day, week or time period, managers can see how close they are to perfect performance.

  • Detailed COGS reports show them their inventory values based on FIFO methodology.

  • The ability to receive orders by exception, mobile ordering and inventory, and predictive analytics

We make using a back-office system easy, while still delivering the full details to the executive and administrative teams.

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Ordering and Receiving Module

Decision Logic drives profitability to your enterprise by…

  • Identify what’s “eating your lunch” through detailed Ideal vs. Actual (IvA) reports, with frequencies of daily, weekly, or by period

  • Benchmark your individual stores against the rest of the company through usage efficiency reporting

  • Cut your inventory time in half using the mobile app, available on Droid or iOS platforms

  • Seamless integration with your food distributors support a “touch it once” model, preventing data duplication errors

  • Exception-based receiving applies the invoice automatically to your order, only drawing your attention to differences in what you ordered vs. received

  • Track actual supplier performance using our Distribution Center Report Card to ensure you’re getting ALL orders fulfilled, consistently!

  • Predictive Analytics to reduce learning curve for orders and prep

  • Maximize manager efficiency by streamlining inventory and ordering process and analysis

The Decision Logic Difference

Decision Logic’s Inventory & Ordering platform handles the ever-evolving menu changes and supply chain fluctuations common in the hospitality industry. Optimized for multiple concepts, menus and distribution models, the Inventory & Ordering system provides a clear and true understanding of inventory performance.