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Using Decision Logic, Concord Hospitality found that ingredients not only determine taste but can also make profit. This proven web-based solution enables Concord to:

  • Effectively manage inventory to save food and labor costsideal usage
  • Immediately solve problems even before they happen
  • Improve profitability through operational efficiencies

The Situation

Nebraska-based, Concord Hospitality continues to grow steadily in the development and operation of such nationally recognized concepts as Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, Village Inn, Holiday Inn and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.

Decision Logic provides us with the tools we need to react immediately to solve problems and even prevent issues before they happen.

- John Gabel, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Concord Hospitality

With more than 3,500 employees operating 50 units in nine states, Concord has many different recipes. Having a consistent system for managing key costs, identifying variants and automating processes is critical to operational efficiency.

With a complex multi-unit, multi-concept restaurant operation, we need to find efficiencies in operations and cost savings to meet our aggressive organizational goals.

- John Gabel, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Concord Hospitality

The Solution

Quality information with instant availability at the corporate office and each store is critical and makes Decision Logic’s solution invaluable.

Concord Kitchen Operations Manager, Brian Sapp, uses daily reports to compare theoretical versus actual (TVA) and ideal versus actual (IVA) food inventories of the organization’s “bottom eight” stores. From the results he is able to determine issues which require attention, find solutions to their specific problems and coach the stores to make a difference in profitability.

When I went to this store, I knew where I needed to focus my attention. I noticed a new kitchen employee accidentally using a seven-ounce, instead of a four-ounce sirloin. Because of Decision Logic, I knew what to look for and was able to quickly and effectively solve the problem.

- Brian Sapp, Concord Kitchen Operations Manager

Before Decision Logic, we faxed spreadsheets back and forth from the corporate office and stores. This software solution outputs information so stores can see actual inventory on any given day, based on their purchases and orders. If inventory differs, we know there is an issue and we can drill down to the penny and pinpoint a specific ingredient that is off. Decision Logic provides quick and instant information that is very helpful in improving our operations and ultimately makes the stores more profitable.

- Celia Reid, Concord Product Data Specialist

The Results

Profitability is ultimately the key to success for Concord. The company credits Decision Logic with reducing the cost of labor and lowering annual food waste. Significant savings were achieved in corporate overhead by automating processes and creating staffing efficiencies.

Our investment in Decision Logic has paid for itself over and over again.

- John Gabel, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Concord Hospitality

Decision Logic provides a, respected back-of-house software solution offering fresh ideas and practical tools for managing inventory, reducing food waste, streamlining labor and creating corporate efficiencies.

The end result of partnering with Decision Logic is a better bottom line, fewer headaches, and he sweet satisfaction of success.