New Release: 5.9

Decision Logic 5.9 features updates to Employee Central time off requests, SMS notification functionality and a new look to the Manual Receive page.

Employee Central partial time off requests

It’s a partial day off party 🎉

Managers can enter partial time off requests, or employees can enter their partial time off requests into Employee Central app

Highlights in this release:

 SMS Notifications
  • Decision Logic app users can now enable SMS notifications
 Manual Receive
  • Check out a new look and feel to the Manual Receive page from the Order Guide option

More updates in Decision Logic 5.9

Feature Enhancements
  • Employee Roster
    • We have a new look and feel to the Employee Roster! Any previous version of the Employee Roster is no longer available.
    • Employees now receive instructions on how to sign up to Employee Central via the invitation email.
  • Labor Scheduler
    • Managers can view/approve/add a partial day off via the Decision Logic web application.
  • Employee Roster
    • Managers can now properly add/edit a store from an employee’s list of stores assigned when adding three or more stores.
  • Price Change Report
    • Fixed issue where Price Change Report occasionally added prices together if bid file updates were receiving in the same minute.
  • Usage Efficiency Report
    • Raw ingredient waste on Usage Efficiency now properly treats the wasted quantity using the proper measure.
  • Employee Central
    • Fixed display issue with older iPhones.
  • Production Sheet
    • Fixed display issue.
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