New Release: 5.16

Decision Logic 5.16 introduces next-level features that keep your teams ahead of the industry curve. Our product team continues to focus on how to improve the user experience and workflow from hourly employee to above-store leadership.

Below, we’ve outlined the new features being released in this version and how they’ll benefit you and your teams. ????

???? Employee Messaging????

Your fast track to direct communication in Employee Central

This new feature allows your teams to get in contact with each other for things like shift swaps and information sharing in Employee Central.

???? House Shifts ????

When scheduling limitations arise, use House Shifts to complete your schedule and broadcast to your teams that shifts are available to be picked up!

???? Activity Based Forecasting ????

Lower labor costs by writing more effective schedules utilizing new custom schedule sales metrics.

✅  Scheduling Metrics

When managers build a schedule, they’ll only see the hours and percentages assigned to that schedule so they can build using target metrics.

✅ Toggle Ability

We included the ability to toggle to see all hours and sales across all schedules so users that need to see the final scheduling metrics can easily do so.

???? Performance Based Scheduling ????

Run better shifts by ensuring your employees are achieving optimal performance through a set of criteria you define.

✅  Define and Track

Create custom metrics around employees, like adhering to uniform standards, passing tests, and more that can be tracked on a shift-by-shift basis.

✅  Define and Track

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