Blog - Best Point of Sale Systems for Your Restaurant in 2023

The Best Restaurant Point of Sale Systems for 2023

Point of Sale (POS) systems do much more than just handle payments, they can help you in the long run by helping you manage sales, track inventory and improve your daily operations for your business. When providing memorable service to customers, your restaurant should run efficiently and be well organized to help ensure the best experience for not only the front of house but your guests as well.  

That is why having a great POS system in place can help you not only improve your restaurant experience but make your day-to-day tasks much easier.  

Let’s explore POS System features and some of the best systems on the market that can help set your concept up for success!  

How Can POS Systems Help?  

As a must-have tool to keep operations running, point-of-sale systems have replaced the basic cash registers. By increasing productivity, time can be saved and distributed elsewhere, leading to increased sales and happy consumers.

Automated Tasks & Saving Time

Some of the best POS systems today have an all-in-one system to give you the tools you need for your tasks. Point of sales can have the option to connect to other software applications that help solve your other software solution needs. Integrating your POS system and other back-office software cuts down managerial work and other time-consuming tasks such as managing employee schedules, viewing and purchasing inventory, or syncing sales data that may be part of your day-to-day.  

Engagement & Feedback

A modern POS system speeds up tasks that used to be mundane in the past. With devices that are able to synchronize to POS systems such as barcode scanners, chip readers, surveys, and loyalty programs, you can help create an engaging experience for your consumers and your staff. This allows you to see how your customer feels when visiting your restaurant, providing them the opportunity to give feedback.

Changes with Trends

The systems we currently see have gone through huge transformations over the years — and that doesn’t show signs of stopping soon. Advancements in functionality, user experience, and accessibility make updating old POS systems a major advantage for operations. By having touchless or even cashless transactions, you can offer speedy, secure purchases. POS systems are becoming more portable, cloud-based, able to be used on mobile devices, and can even be integrated with self-serve kiosks and online ordering.  

Eliminating Human Error   

We’re human, and mistakes can happen. Maybe a number was misentered or another was deleted. When you have complex tasks to keep up with, you want to be error-free. Integrated POS systems automate payments, inventory, and reporting processes seamlessly to reduce human errors. These systems help to avoid input errors, gaps in totals, and disconnections between your POS and transactions.   

Real-Time Data  

Gathering data for your restaurant is one of the main ways you know that you’re doing great! Collecting insights generated by your sales allows for easy access to your reports for management. POS systems can allow you to create reports automatically for several categories you need information on, saving you time compiling and organizing data.  

Better Security  

When it comes to handling customer information, you always want to be protected. A good POS system protects against worst-case scenarios such as data breaches, malware, or accessing your system remotely. By having software that uses end-to-end encryption, antivirus, and operates on a corporate network, you can protect your customers’ purchases the second it is received on your POS. 

POS Systems You Should Try in 2023  


QU puts operators back in control by simplifying the complex menu ecosystem. By focusing on taking and making orders rapidly, you can serve your guests wonderfully with this single-hub digital platform. This POS allows for simplified revenue opportunities, efficiency increases, and bottom-line improvements. 


Having options can allow you to be the best in what you do and offer. Revel Systems offers a package full of a variety of tools that integrate into a restaurant management cloud-based software program. With a large number of features on its POS system for any need, the customization options make it perfect for front and back-of-house functionality within a single operational system.

Oracle MICROS Simphony

The Simphony POS system from Oracle MICROS is built to power the most successful food and beverage venues across the globe — from cafés to fine dining. This all-in-one cloud POS platform helps restauranteurs connect and optimize their online and in-house operations in real time from any device.


Toast is built for your needs no matter your size, concept, or ambitions may be. Built specifically for restaurants, Toast brings together many solutions all on a mobile, cloud-based POS system combining your POS with custom hardware and payment processing. Toast allows you to improve operations, grow revenue, and get more insights for your business while offering supporting services that tie into its system.  


PAR’s Brink POS allows you to show your true potential by setting your organization and staff up for success with an all-in-one solution that makes everything refreshingly uncomplicated. Built on a modern, cloud-based architecture packed with lots of features, you get a truly seamless solution to keep driving a powerful customer experience that fits the needs of a multi-unit operator.

We Can Help You Out  

Point of Sale Systems are continuing to improve with tech trends going into 2023. But choosing the right platform that integrates with all your systems is a must. Decision Logic handles systems integration so you can focus on the important stuff: serving your customers. By handling your connections with our robust, back-office software, Decision Logic helps make your restaurant POS more efficient. Contact Decision Logic to see how we can help streamline your operations! 

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