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Decision Logic Reaches Key Cisco Cybersecurity Milestone

The restaurant back-office management software platform has demonstrated the mastery necessary to become a Cisco Select Integrator in the United States. This distinction is especially critical for the company’s Logic Shield PCI compliance offering, ensuring clients can have confidence in their cybersecurity.

Lincoln, Neb. – September 16, 2021 – Decision Logic has reached a major benchmark in its ongoing partnership with Cisco.

The company, one of the nation’s leading providers of back-office management software for restaurants, has been certified as a Cisco Select Integrator in the United States. In reaching this key milestone in their cybersecurity journey, Decision Logic has proven that it has the personnel, specialization, and support infrastructure necessary to help clients make the most of their Cisco-supported products.

Cisco Digital Solutions Integrators (DSIs) are trusted DevOps advisors who customize Cisco APIs and deliver advanced services to provide customers with an unmatched digital experience.

“This is something our team worked hard to achieve,” said Mandi Wooledge, president and Chief Operating Officer of Decision Logic. “Our customers deserve to know that, no matter their integrations or their operations, their data is protected with Decision Logic and Logic Shield. I’m incredibly proud of our long-standing partnership with Cisco, and this is further commitment to that partnership and to the customers who rely on us for the success and security of their restaurant concepts.”

The Logic Shield PCI compliance solution specifically benefits from this partnership. Decision Logic offers restaurants and retailers the Logic Shield as a boon to their cybersecurity and consumer data protection.

As a Cisco Meraki PCI Compliance partner, Decision Logic is able to take advantage of the best wireless and network security provider in the industry on behalf of customers. Cisco Meraki and Logic Shield provide an unmatched degree of protection to businesses, with Decision Logic adhering to a certification process that is notably difficult and requires intensive security knowledge and products and solutions that are up to date with the latest advancements in PCI protection.

Click here for more information on working with Decision Logic for a Cisco-backed approach to data security at your restaurant concept, one that identifies problems before they develop.

About Decision Logic

Designed for fast-growing restaurant concepts with multiple locations, Decision Logic is a back-office management platform built for restaurateurs by restaurateurs. The Decision Logic solution features labor scheduling, a mobile management app, sales reporting, PCI security, and more, plus an industry-leading inventory and ordering tool that’s been proven to reduce inventory costs and address waste variance down to the ingredient level. Decision Logic currently serves more than 50 brands and over 2,000 locations, saving operators nearly $40 million in food labor costs every year. To learn more, visit decisionlogic.co.

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